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Abundant Film Productions has extensive film-making and video production experience, coupled with a passion in creating sports, training and promotional videos for businesses in the North West Province, Gauteng (Johannesburg/Pretoria), Free State (Bloemfontein) and the Western Cape (Cape Town).

Sports Videos

Abundant Film Productions has filmed thousands of competitions/games/matches from the most prominent sporting events at highest level of competition. Whatever your high quality sport video needs we are here to help. Abundant Film Productions high definition sport videos are directed at:

  • Sport performance analysis: Videos that enable coaches and players/athletes to analyze performance of own and opponent teams to identify strengths and weaknesses, determine training needs and strategize for future matches/events.
  • Showcase sporting business: Sporting clubs, fitness facilities, martial arts studios, competitive sports programs, etc can display promotional videos on websites, during events presentations and in lobbies (see below).
  • Showcase sporting talent: Enable athletes to showcase their talents on video for the college recruiting and other reasons. This could include filming of games/events and player/athlete identification using graphics and freeze frame editing.
  • Memorabilia: Seasonal/game/sporting event highlights as gifts to players/athletes and for displaying at award ceremonies.

Training Videos

Abundant Film Productions creates effective and engaging training videos to support or replace conventional face-to-face training sessions and that can also surpasses communication barriers. With the Internet’s ability to deliver high quality training videos the approach to training and instruction has been revolutionized. Using training videos for instruction and support also cuts manpower and travel expenses costs.

The Abundant Film Productions high definition training videos can be produced for numerous purposes, such as:

  • Health and safety videos to train on possible hazard and workplace safety.
  • Employee orientation and motivational videos for Management/Human resources.
  • Sales training videos to teach the best sales practices and establish standards corporate identity
  •  Instructional videos such as “how to” for the correct use of products/equipment or services/activities.
  • Customer support videos for their products or services.
  • Product support videos for “self-help” to identify and solve problems

Promotional Videos

Today’s competitive world requires individuals and companies to have a well crafted video created by Abundant Film Productions to showcase your talents, products and services in an engaging and persuasive manner. You can demonstrate them in ways that is not possible with regular text and photos. There is a preference to “seeing” as apposed to “reading” and incorporating a professional video from Abundant Film Productions could provide the competitive edge to be successful. Your success is our success.

Business promotional videos directly represent your brand personality and can quickly establish credibility and trust with potential clients. Corporate videos by Abundant Film Productions can be displayed in lobbies, played to potential customers and showed to employees. When it comes to turning website visitors into paying customers a video on your website is the proven answer. Promotional videos by Abundant Film Productions are particularly valuable for non-profit organizations at conferences, conventions and publicity events.

Individuals can submit their personal videos to universities, sports programs/teams, talent competitions, and many more. Another good reason for you to contact Abundant Film Productions for a free estimate!



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